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TEL      022-743-3366

MAIL    shopmaster@honokacoffee.com


営業時間 平日10:30-17:30  土日祝10:00-18:00

定休日   不定休



How to get to Honoka from Sendai Station

First, get the subway called Nanboku line bound for Tomizawa.Get off at the last stop called Tomizawa.

Next,leave through the exit in front of the ticket gate and turn right.

If you keep going, there is a stairs. Once you get down the stairs, turn left on the first corner.

Go down that way until you cross the first intersection.

Cross the first intersection, and then turn left and cross the bridge in front of you.

Once you cross the bridge, turn right at the first corner,and then go down that street along the river.

After Walk about 3 minutes,You can see the shop has a red door on your left.

It's our store Honoka.Have a lovely day.